Glen Winkel, Ph.D.


Seminars backed by Science

Knowledge is Power.  Whether it be the power to change or the  understanding that gives you the momentum to achieve great success.

Many speakers give you great motivation, but not much content.  You get all pumped up to “get ‘er done”, but after a few weeks the excitement has worn off and you are back to where you were before.

Are you ready to make positive changes in your health, financial success or your significant relationships? 

Dr. Winkel gives you the science underlying many topics you have probably heard before, but with the knowledge that gives you the how and why your body responds the way it does.  Wouldn’t it be nice to finally understand why it’s so difficult to change and what you can do to finally achieve the success you desire? 

Whether it’s the psychology underlying how you initiate change, or the latest research on cancer, diabetes or heart disease, knowledge and understanding will empower you to take the necessary steps to achieve optimal health and balance in your life.


“Dr. Winkel is one of the most thorough and profound speakers I’ve ever encountered.  He’s to be commended for his contribution to humanity and research!”

“Fascinating presentation!”

“For a scientist, easier to understand than anyone I have ever heard in the scientific field!”

“I loved his presentation...very interesting”